The Millers

David-Barbara Miller
Dave and Barbara Miller serve as Latin American regional coordinators for the Church of God Global Ministries. They work with missionaries and national leaders and assist with ministry vision and strategy from Mexico south through the tip of South America.

The Millers first went to South America with the Missionary Board of the Church of God in 1980. After a year of language study in Costa Rica, they moved on to Bolivia, where they stayed and ministered for the next twenty-one years, during which time the Bolivian church expanded at a steady pace from 82 to more than 230 local congregations.
Barbara spent her early years in the Belgian Congo and Zimbabwe as the daughter of United Methodist missionaries. Of her call to missions, she says, “From an early age, I felt the call to be involved in cross-cultural ministry. This was confirmed in1974 when I attended the Urbana Missions Conference at the University of Illinois.”

Dave’s call to missions came during his first semester at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky. A speaker had shared that 94 percent of trained Christian workers serve in North America, which represents only 7 percent of the world’s population. He was disturbed by the facts and felt that “somebody ought to do something about it.” God heard him, and Dave heard His voice saying, “Okay, you’re somebody, Dave. What are you going to do about it?”

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