Silent Blessings – Deaf Ministries

The Deaf community in the United States has been listed by a number of Christian missions organizations as the largest unreached people group in North America. Silent Blessings works to bring people, both deaf and hearing, into a profound encounter with the reconciling love of God through Jesus Christ by:

  • Developing new resources for Christian ministry within the Deaf community.
  • Serving as advocates for the needs and perspectives of deaf and hard-of-hearing people and their families.
  • Encouraging the development of strong Christian leaders within the Deaf community and facilitating their involvement in the life and work of the church.
  • Striving to increase awareness among hearing Christians of the scope and uniqueness of the Deaf mission field and providing models for effective outreach efforts.

Contact us at:
1201 East 5th St. – Suite 11
Anderson IN 46012-2481
877-FOR-DEAF (877-367-3323)