Women’s Ministry

Come join us and experience a day in the life of Women Missionaries who have been chosen, called and commissioned by God.

We meet the Second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m in the Fireside Room.

Christian Women Connection (formerly Women of the Church of God) began with a picture of a wheat field. One day in 1930, Nora Siens Hunter sat looking at a magazine cover which pictured a combine cutting a wide swath through a wheat field. Since her heart had just been sensitized by a five-month mission trip to Europe, North Africa, and Syria, she was struck by the analogy of that picture to the “broader fields” of human potential she had seen on her trip.

The United States was in the throes of the Great Depression. The Church of God had forty-seven missionaries on the field, missionaries who managed on inadequate salaries which had been cut repeatedly as the church struggled to stay alive. But Nora Hunter could think of only one thing—those broader fields waiting to be harvested. A verse from the Bible—”The Lord gave the word; the company of women that published the tidings are as a great host” (Psalm 68:11 ARV). The two impressions—“the broader fields” and “the company of women that published tidings”—impressed itself deeply on her consciousness until the picture was clear: the women of the Church of God could spread the Word of God across those unharvested fields? Thus was born the vision of the National Woman’s Home and Foreign Missionary Society.

During the following months, Mrs. Hunter corresponded with the Rev. H.M. Riggle, Secretary of the Foreign Missionary Board, and met with committees of women, ministers, and gospel workers to assure a broad base of support for her idea.